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What is the ARC? The ARC is an acronym for Architectural Review Committee.  The ARC exists to guide Walden residents in maintaining their property in such a way as to uphold the integrity of the neighborhood as well as property values.  It has been established to review applications and design documents for all alterations and modifications to existing properties and for landscaping within the community.

Primarily, the ARC functions for the Board of Directors by consistently surveying the properties for possible covenant infractions.  These infractions include visible trash cans, cars parked in side or back yards, boats in the neighborhood for more than 24 hours, and unkempt yards.  Remember, ARC members are volunteers and do this job because they care about the upkeep of our neighborhood.  If you are contacted by an ARC member, either by phone call, in person, by a door knocker, or by letter, they have noticed some type of possible infraction that could potentially impact the view of our community.  Please help the ARC by correcting the infraction as soon as possible.

To view the ARC guidelines, click here.

To download a printable ARC submittal form for any changes or modifications to your home or property, click here.

To download an ARC submittal form that can be filled out, renamed & saved, then emailed click here.

The ARC thanks you for choosing Walden as your home!